BlackSearch uncovers digital identity information about a target. A search starts with using any identifying data point such as email address, phone number, name or deep web accounts. With a single click of a button, BlackSearch scans hundreds of sources comprising billions of data points to triangulate information about your target. If your search is too wide, BlackSearch will return multiple matches sorted by relevance.

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BlackSearch - Speciallity Databases
BlackSearch - Contact and Email

Key Features


We apply machine learning, deep learning, natural language analysis, image and video analysis, and pattern recognition to ensure relevant data is presented.


Fully automated data collection


Harness billions of data points, structured and unstructured to construct a digital identity.


In the case of wide searches, the results are sorted by relevance to reduce time spent reviewing results

Continuous Learning

BlackSearch continuously adapts to a rapidly changing digital landscape and new sources are automatically discovered and added.

Hybrid Intelligence

BlackSearch allows augmenting its searches with human intelligence.

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