BlackScore Content

BlackScore Content is an AI-based risk assessment platform for digital content. Looking at a Web URL it determines if it is fake news, phishing website, or has malware. BlackScore Content can also be applied to e-mails or messages to determine the risk they may pose.

Key Features


We apply machine learning, deep learning, natural language analysis, image and video analysis, and pattern recognition.


Our automated risk assessment is extremely useful in scenarios where quick assessments are needed. It can also be plugged into larger robotic process automated (RPA) workflows.


Harness billions of data points, structured and unstructured, to make quick judgement calls.


Specific scoring methods allow you to focus on what really matters and customize the results to your needs.

Continuous Learning

BlackScore Content continuously adapts to a rapidly changing risk landscape.

Hybrid Intelligence

BlackScore Content allows augmenting its algorithms with human intelligence.

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